You Gotta Have Faith

I once was told that turbulence is necessary to reach a higher elevation. The last month has had a years worth, and promises even more. What I have learned thus far is; that even when the rain pours, to keep from drowning you have to deal with the storm a drop at a time. In doing so, having faith that all this is necessary to reach a higher elevation, gives me strength. This weekend, it has given me strength to have a fabulous time, undeterred (albeit virtually free), with my husband and sons.

Terrible 1's

I have heard of, and bared witness to the terrible 2’s. I have heard the shrill tantrums of the terrible 3’s. I have answered the non stop questions from the terrible 4’s, 5’s, and now 6’s (seriously, how long does the question stage last?). What I am new to is the terrible 1’s. My one year old, who just completed his first week as a walker has entered into a realm of non-stop activity. He moves about the house plotting his next attack. No one is safe, not his brothers, me, dad, couch, toys or even the neatly folded clothes waiting to be put away.

In a span of about 15 minutes, I found my son scaling the back of the couch (how else would he get to the blinds behind it?), biting his brother (ouch!), and throwing neatly folded shirt, after neatly folded shirt on the ground. I tried distracting him with toys and handed him a toy truck. His throwing the truck indicated that he may not be interested, so I did what any mother would do….. I gave him to his dad.

Ready, Set, Pee!

Being penis challenged, I have absolutely no idea why it seems near impossible for little boys to pee only in the toilet. One would think that the target is big enough. Most toilet seats are about 1.5 feet long, and about 6 inches wide; plenty of room to adequately catch a stream of kiddie pee, right? WRONG. I find pee all over the bathroom. It’s on the floor, sprinkled on the bathtub, and don’t even get me started on the collection of pee I ALWAYS find in puddles at the base of the toilet. It is ABSOLUTELY disgusting.

I have scoured parenting sites looking for a solution. I tried the Cheerio’s trick. It worked ok, until it led to other “less flushable” items in the toilet. I imagine the conversation the boys must have had before dropping there toys in the toilet. “If Cheerio’s are fun to pee on, Hot Wheels, and Action Figures must be fun to pee on too”! Needless to say, I had to ban anything besides TP going into the toilet, including Cheerio’s.

I recently tried making them clean up their own pee. I gave them gloves, a sponge, and instructed them (from a safe pee distance) on what to do. Surprisingly, they were equally disgusted, and as a result the bathroom remained pee free. That was until this morning, when in a moment of weakness I opted to use their bathroom (I refuse to share a bathroom with the Pee Pee Bandits), and I sat down without looking. My wet booty was immediately aware that the pee war was NOT over.

Help! Do any of you moms have any suggestions?

Dieting Advice From My Kids

Since starting Weight Watchers, my boys have been very supportive. They have even offered me some valuable advice, and encouragement.

Justice: Mom, your belly is only a little bit big. You only look a little pregnant, it’s because you’re on a diet, right? (Note, I am NOT pregnant. However, I am happy I only look a little pregnant opposed to very pregnant.)

Journey: You should eat only fruits and vegetables, go to work, take us to the park, then come home and eat fruits and vegetables. Then you will lose weight, because that has 0 cavities (cavities, not calories) in it.

Today is Weigh In Wednesday. After taking into consideration the wonderful (and somewhat insulting) advice I received, working out, and eating healthy….. I FULLY expect to be at LEAST 2 pounds lighter. If not, I will not be a very happy momma. TO THE SCALE!


I have always wanted to be a music critic. It is a secret ambition that haunts me every time I read a music review, listen to a new album, or stumble across a new artist that I absolutely love. I like all types of music, but I love good hip hop. “Good” in the previous sentence can not be emphasized enough. I have been referred to as a hip hop snob, mainly for my hesitance to deem something good that simply isn’t. It takes more than a good beat to catch my attention. It takes a combination of great production, great delivery, and substance. Today, it is a rare combination.

With that said, when I was asked to review MeeWee (Hip Hop for kids) for this blog, I was ecstatic. Excitement quickly turned into anxiety as I pondered the possibility of having to write a bad review. My music critic career could be over before it even began (I realize I am being over-dramatic, but at the time it was exactly what went through my brain). I decided to listen to the CD before completely freaking out.

I downloaded the CD, and called the boys into the living room, for what I like to call, the listening party. I played track after track and with the help of my boys quickly came to a conclusion.

School age kids (like my 6 year old), would probably prefer more sophisticated music (similar to those heard on the radio, or Kids Bop). Of the 13 tracks we heard, he only liked one. The one he did like, “Planet Brooklyn” had a distinctively hip hop bass line, and beat. He was instantly a fan.

Preschool kids would love it (like my 5 year old). It sounds grown up enough to catch their attention, but has enough whimsy to keep them interested. The use of “character-like” voices was something Justice really enjoyed.

Babies and Toddlers (like my 1 year old). Jordan will dance to anything. Classical, Jazz, gospel music (while standing in a church pew), so I knew he would be an easy sell. As soon as the music started, he was on his feet getting his party on. MeeWee is a good alternative for the parents. Nursery rhyme and classical CD’s are pretty much the only options for this age group. MeeWee actually provides the same educational value, in a less annoying format.

As for me, aside from genuinely liking some of the tracks (as opposed to liking it for the boys), the songs are educational, and have a good message. “I Can Be Anything” is a great song that packs a huge confidence boost. Having that song stuck in your head is a great self affirmation (I know, because it’s been stuck in my head for two days now). My favorite track “Extra Cheese” is probably the most hilarious song I have ever heard. I would encourage you to pick up the CD solely for that song.

All in all, on a scale of 1-5 pacifiers, I give it a 3.5 (looks like I was worrying for nothing).

You can purchase MeeWee at: iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, and Rhapsody

$1 Flip Flops @ Old Navy

TODAY ONLY: $1 Flip Flops at Old Navy. Limit five (5) per person. Happy Shopping!

Coming To The Stage

For over a month Journey has brought home flyer's advertising his schools spring musical performance. His excitement was building, and as the performance drew closer, so did his chatter. He asked several times rather or not his dad and I were going to make it. We assured him we were, and last night he added a follow-up question. He asked, "Mom, are you going because you want to, or just so I can have a ride home". I answered, "because I want to". It's true, I wanted to go. Not so much for the singing kids, but for the potential photo opportunities (it would mark a great end to my Shutterfly Spring Photobook).

We arrived at the school a full 20 minutes early. I dropped Journey off at his class to prepare, then the rest of the family headed towards the cafeteria/auditorium. Apparently, 20 minutes early is not sufficient time to get a good seat. The front rows were reserved. The chairs had papers taped to the back announcing it's intended occupants. Example "Student Helper", "Photographer", "Not You". Not welcome in the front row, we found the next available seats several rows back.

Soon enough the performance started. Journey's class was up first. They sang, I clapped, then his class exited stage left. I looked at my clock, only 15 minutes passed. 45 WHOLE minutes left until the show was over. Having to watch, and respond positively to others people's kids is excruciating. From the look on Justice's face, I was not the only one who thought so.Watching your own kid butcher a song is cute, watching someone else's kid is torture. I tried distracting myself with my Blackberry, but after several stern looks from other moms, I pouted and put it away.

After the show I pondered Journey's question. Was I there because I wanted to be there, or was I there so he could have a ride home. I scanned my digital photo's, not a single good shot. I looked at Journey, and his pride filled face, then the answer was clear. For the first 15 minutes I was there because I wanted to be there. The last 45, I was there because he needed a ride home.

Weight Watchers Update

Lost 2 pounds!

Baby Steps

7 years ago, when I found out I was pregnant I signed up for every baby website and e-zine imaginable. I continued the tradition and did the same when I learned I was pregnant with the other two. With these memberships come weekly developmental e-mails, that for the most part allow parents to stress or gloat over how their babies compare to the masses. Example: “Your child is 1 year, 4 weeks old. By now he should be reading novels, and playing violin”. There is always a disclamer though, “All babies are different, and developmental milestones vary. If you child is not reading novels or playing violin, he is not a complete idiot- your just a bad parent”. Around Jordan’s 9th month I started receiving milestone emails regarding walking. Months 10, 11, 12 pass… and no walking. It got to the point to where I refused to open up anymore of the stupid emails. It’s all fun and games when the contents reveal your baby is a genius. A completely different story when it points to the contrary.

Understanding that babies truly are different, and realizing that once he starts walking, the sheer madness of having 3 boys running around my house could induce insanity…. I was in no rush. However, it seems that family, friends, the developmental emails, and the random stranger were all in a rush to see Jordan walk. So, for all of you who have asked on a consistent basis rather or not Jordan is walking yet, you can stop. The answer is YES. As of last night he took 5 steps in a row (although he still prefers crawling). You may now begin the countdown to my first of many visits to the insane asylum.

On another note....

Is this not the cutest thing ever? Coppertone Water Babies Mini Sunscreen. It has a clip so that it can go on your keychain, or diaper bag. I found it at Walmart for $3.97. A steal for the summer, and it's cute too!

Excuses, Excuses

Needless to say I have been neglecting this blog. I'm not sure rather it's because I'm embarrassed to report that my weaning efforts failed, or it's because my life seems to have been moving at light speed these days. Regardless the reason, no excuse is great enough. Not only am I using this blog to give my friends, family, and the occasional stranger a glimpse into my life, it also serves as therapy and emotional release. It is much needed and deserved me time.


Jordan is still sleeping in my bed. For awhile he was sleeping by himself for hours at a time, however I am a wuss and caved to convenience. Allowing him to sleep with me saves me a trip to his room. I think there is a word for what I am describing. YES! I am lazy. I am recommitting to the weaning process, however I'm not looking forward to it.

Birthday Season

Yesterday marked the end to yet another birthday season. My boys celebrate birthday's in Feb, Apr, and May. This means planning 3 parties very close together, and a guest list who is very tired of seeing my evites in their email. Jordan's party was well attended, and the kids had a blast. I admit, I spent way more than I should have. Next year I am planning simple, simple, birthdays. At least that's my commitment for now. I entertained the idea of having one huge party for the 3 of them. My MIL said that would not happen as long as she is alive. I guess that idea is no longer an option LOL. Justice turned 5 yesterday. We had a beach party where he played for hours in the sand. I made a homemade beach themed cake ( I must admit I was pretty proud of myself), and we ate BBQ. Yesterday(his actual birthday), I took a half day and we hung out with Journey and Dad at Bounce-a-rama. For $20 bucks we got admission for two (adults are fee), and a medium pizza. Not bad for an afternoon out.
LAST, But Not Least
A week and a half ago, I joined Weight Watchers. Being a fat mom sucks, and my goal is to lose 30 pound in 3 months. Today is my 2nd official weight in. I cannot wait to see how much weight (if any) I lost. Dieting around fruit snacks, and Capri Suns is HARD. I'll keep you posted.