Hug and Roll

Have you ever seen the episode of friends where Chandler tries to teach Ross the Hug and Roll? The Hug and Roll is the technique used when someone (in this case Jordan), is laying on your arm or chest and you want to move without waking them. You first hug them close, then roll away. Thanks in part to the Hug and Roll Jordan slept by himself for the first time last night. Once he fell asleep at 10, I laid him in his bed. He woke up twice. Once at 2am, and again around 5. When he woke, I caved and gave him the boob. However, once he fell back asleep, I did the Hug and Roll and sashayed back to my bed. One thing to note is that instead of laying Jordan is his crib which he hates, I laid him on the full size guest bed in his room. This makes it easier to comfort him when he wakes. This evening he didn't fall asleep until 12, and with a bit more protest. Once sleep, I Hugged and Rolled myself out his room.