Dean’s® Dip Dipstakes™

Pop Warner season is over for the James Boys, however NCAAF and the NFL is still in full swing. When you live in a male dominated home, this means one thing. The TV is monopolized by football Thursday thru Monday. In front of my television are 4 guys. My husband, Head Couch Coach, and his assistants my 3 boys. They cheer, boo, and discuss plays. I do what any American mom would do, take advantage of the Football Snacks. Football is not football, or even remotely enjoyable if I am not being bribed with something salty, crunchy or sweet. Which brings me to the point of this blog (yes, there actually is a point), Dean’s® Dip Dipstakes™! What’s Dean’s® Dipstakes? It’s like fantasy football only tastier! Just like the Jets and the Giants, there are longstanding rivalries amongst dips. Are you a Honey Mustard loyalist, Guacamole diehard (like me) or an Onion Dip fanatic? Vote on your favorite dip while predicting the outcomes of the games each week and you’ll be eligible to win awesome prizes like tailgate party supplies, football memorabilia and sporting gear. There will also be a big grand prize drawing in January for a home entertainment system.

It’s super easy to play and it’s all on Facebook:

Now for the giveaway!

The 20th person to visit Dean’s® Dip Dipstakes™ on Facebook, become a fan, and mention my blog’s URL ( will win the following:

1 Coupon for Dean’s® Dip
1 Dean’s® Dip Tray (approx. retail value, $10)
1 Dean’s® Stadium Blanket (approx. retail value, $25)

Approximate retail value: $38.00

The 21st person to visit Dean’s® Dip Dipstakes™ on Facebook, become a fan, and mention my blog’s URL ( will win the following:

1 Coupon for Dean’s® Dip

Approximate retail value: $3.00

That’s All Folks! Good luck, and happy dipping!!!

Currently Seeking Backyard

We live in an apartment. An apartment that shrinks constantly as my boys grow bigger. The other day, my two oldest boys were playing football in the house. Casually tossing the football back and forth in the living room as if there were goal posts behind the couch. I (for what I am sure had to be the 517th time) asked them not to play football in the house. Surprisingly, they listened and within minutes the football was put away. However, they traded it for a soccer ball, that they began kicking back and forth.

After explaining my predicament to a (childless) friend, she responded, “yeah, I think kids are kind of like dogs. They need room to play”. I agree (well, maybe minus the dog part. Although, little boys do have a knack for peeing on everything except the toilet).

Having 3 boys, it has become crystal clear that I need a backyard. A well lit backyard that will keep my boys busy from the time they get out of school, until dinner. Included in this fantasy is the assumption that all of the outside activity will make them so tired, that they will want to go to bed immediately following dinner and bath time (if in reality it doesn’t actually work like this, please don’t ruin my fantasy. In lieu of an actual backyard this dream is all I got).

For now, my search continues for the perfect backyard (I’m positive that a backyard will soon be a crucial part of my sanity).

It Could Be A Sign

My 18 month old son went to bed one night, and woke up talking (or so it seems). He has established a whole new vocabulary that for the most part is food related. He surprised the entire family when he demanded “bri-bries” (French Fries), and left both my husband and I speechless when he requested “McDonalds” and enunciated all three syllables. He can also say pizza, juice, and most commonly, “Foooooood!”.

As I sit here, 3 weeks deep into a diet (that I am convinced will result in my utter hotness), I can’t help but wonder if maybe (just maybe) we eat fast food too often. The fact that my 1 yr old can place his own order at the drive thru gives me a clue. I have yet to order the boys Apple Dippers instead of French fries (because a riot would erupt immediately), so I can’t claim that I make smart choices when eating out. The only logical option is to cook.

Under normal circumstances (normal referring to spending the majority of the day at leisure, watching something corny on Lifetime), I like to cook. I enjoy trying out new recipes, and pretending to be Betty Crocker the Domestic Goddess. However, after work, cooking is the last thing I want to do. Especially when homework needs to be done and the house still needs to be picked up. I’d much rather be waited on.

So far, I have sucked it up and cooked anyway. To my surprise, most days I can get dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes. It actually saves me time(eating at a sit down restaurant is at least a 2 hour process). My 6 and 5 year old haven’t complained much either. I’ve only had to answer one question regarding the change.

“Mommy, when are we going to eat real food. Like McDonalds or something?”