I have always wanted to be a music critic. It is a secret ambition that haunts me every time I read a music review, listen to a new album, or stumble across a new artist that I absolutely love. I like all types of music, but I love good hip hop. “Good” in the previous sentence can not be emphasized enough. I have been referred to as a hip hop snob, mainly for my hesitance to deem something good that simply isn’t. It takes more than a good beat to catch my attention. It takes a combination of great production, great delivery, and substance. Today, it is a rare combination.

With that said, when I was asked to review MeeWee (Hip Hop for kids) for this blog, I was ecstatic. Excitement quickly turned into anxiety as I pondered the possibility of having to write a bad review. My music critic career could be over before it even began (I realize I am being over-dramatic, but at the time it was exactly what went through my brain). I decided to listen to the CD before completely freaking out.

I downloaded the CD, and called the boys into the living room, for what I like to call, the listening party. I played track after track and with the help of my boys quickly came to a conclusion.

School age kids (like my 6 year old), would probably prefer more sophisticated music (similar to those heard on the radio, or Kids Bop). Of the 13 tracks we heard, he only liked one. The one he did like, “Planet Brooklyn” had a distinctively hip hop bass line, and beat. He was instantly a fan.

Preschool kids would love it (like my 5 year old). It sounds grown up enough to catch their attention, but has enough whimsy to keep them interested. The use of “character-like” voices was something Justice really enjoyed.

Babies and Toddlers (like my 1 year old). Jordan will dance to anything. Classical, Jazz, gospel music (while standing in a church pew), so I knew he would be an easy sell. As soon as the music started, he was on his feet getting his party on. MeeWee is a good alternative for the parents. Nursery rhyme and classical CD’s are pretty much the only options for this age group. MeeWee actually provides the same educational value, in a less annoying format.

As for me, aside from genuinely liking some of the tracks (as opposed to liking it for the boys), the songs are educational, and have a good message. “I Can Be Anything” is a great song that packs a huge confidence boost. Having that song stuck in your head is a great self affirmation (I know, because it’s been stuck in my head for two days now). My favorite track “Extra Cheese” is probably the most hilarious song I have ever heard. I would encourage you to pick up the CD solely for that song.

All in all, on a scale of 1-5 pacifiers, I give it a 3.5 (looks like I was worrying for nothing).

You can purchase MeeWee at: iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, and Rhapsody