Growing Pains

Is it just my kid that grows an entire jean size overnight, or is it a common phenomenon. My oldest son is 6 and very tall for his age. I recently bought him size 7 jeans, upgrading from his size 5/6 jeans which were hovering unforgivably above his shoes (think Urkel, minus 2 centimeters). He wore the jeans for approximately 2 months, and they remained a respectable length. Saturday he wore them and they fit great. This morning he puts them on, and Urkel leg all over again. I checked the size convinced that he must have inadvertently put on the wrong pants. Yeah…. No. They were size 7; he miraculously is now a size 8.

Thank god it’s summer. My solution: Cut Off Jean Shorts.


Anonymous said...

HAHA!! Awhh,, my little cousin has turned into Urkel!! So not cool at all...But like you said its a good thing that it is summer. :)

Mommies-Miracles said...

Cut offs definitely work especially when you don't have the money to keep buying more and more clothes! They grow WAY to fast!