Overheard This Week

My shorts are 100% codden (he means cotton, however I like hearing him say "codden" to much to correct him). Not codden candy, just codden.
I really appreciate the clarification. I now know not to turn to my clothes for a tasty treat.

Dad: You would call the police on me for singing a song your mom didn’t like
Justice: You wouldn’t go to jail, you would just get a ticket
Dad: You would want me to get a ticket for singing a song your mom didn’t like
Justice: Well, I did used to live in her belly!
Don’t talk about Justice’s mama! He will cut you (or at least try). I’m so proud.

Mom is kind of like a human jungle gym
What the [insert expletive here]! This actually frightens me. Proof that parent abuse exists.)

Justice: Mom, would you eat a bulls nuts?
Me: What?
Justice: Yeah, on that show (I’m a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here) the man had to eat a bulls nuts.
Dad: Son, I don’t think they said that. They said bull’s testicles.
Justice: Dad, that’s bull’s nuts!

Two things. 1. Reality TV is the working parents reward for a job well done. Some are kid appropriate (American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Fear Factor), others not so much (pretty much anything on MTV or VH1). "I’m a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here" seemed safe. What I didn’t know is that it would also be educational. Thanks to the show my son now knows the word testicle (it’s better than saying nuts). 2. When being taught an important lesson (such as using the word testicles vs nuts) it is important to keep a straight face. However, as a parent it is often times impossible. I was useless for about 5 whole minutes trying to gain my composure after hysterically laughing. I’m laughing now just thinking about.
This is why I keep them around. Kids are hilarious.

In case your wondering, the answer is "NO", I would NOT eat a bull's nuts (I mean testicles).


Anonymous said...

where did "Mom is kind of like a human jungle gym" come from?

Anonymous said...

i am dying over here! we watched it, too, but taj already knew the word testicles, and used to love the show FEAR FACTOR, so eating bulls nuts didn't phase him. he did ask if i remembered them eating a bulls peanuts (penis) on fear factor.

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