Um, Come Again?

It is the question most feared by parents. It is cringe provoking, nausea inducing, and uncomfortable to talk about. Answering the question "where do babies come from" requires creativity, tact, and for some a great imagination.

There are common non-truths some parents tell about where babies come from. The stork, belly buttons (still not sure how that one is explained; it confuses even me), the cabbage patch, and variations of the aforementioned. I, like my mother opted to tell whole truths as age appropriate. When my son was 3 and asked, "where do babies come from", I already knew what I was going to say. At three he asked questions about everything and I knew that question was just around the corner. I prepared the following statement, "The daddy plants a seed in the mommy's belly and it grows into a baby". I was so proud of my kid friendly interruption that I declared myself the victor in the sex talk battle.
Everything remained peaceful until about a year ago, when my then 5 year old asked me , "where does the daddy get the seed, and HOW does it get into the mommy's belly"? HUH!?! Unprepared this time (and now clearly losing the battle), I lied and said I didn't know (which wasn't a very good lie considering it was 3x obvious I did). Upon further questioning I vowed to tell him later. One year, one book and one DVD later my husband had "the talk" with our oldest son. As I over heard my son say "so the mommy parts and the daddy parts go together to make a baby", I held my breath as I awaited his reaction. To my surprise there was no fireworks, horns, parades or even awkward silence. Just a simple "Oh" as Journey (our son) moved on to the next topic.

Again victorious, we (yes we. even though I did not technically participate in the conversation, my presence was felt in spirit) planted and danced around our parental flag.


Anonymous said...

Mya - you are HYSTERICAL and need to write a book. Soon. The rest of the world needs the comic relief you provide us on a regular basis! You are SuperMom!

(I work with your Aunt Margo and she's created a Mya fan in many of us...)

Mya said...

Thank you kirsten! I'm just glad someone actually reads it :)

Mommies-Miracles said...


I have to say I am REALLY enjoying your blog! It has me laughing and I cannot stop!