We Will Miss Michael Jackson

The news of Michael Jackson’s death spread quickly. Within hours of receiving the news, I received multiple Facebook, Twitter and text messages from people who were as shocked as I was. By the time I arrived to pick up the boys from the sitter, their eyes were wide and the first thing they said to me was, “Michael Jackson is Dead”. Even the tiniest of fans (Journey 6, Justice 5), whose knowledge of MJ consisted of two songs (Beat It, and PYT; Which they still believe are new tracks and very hip), were deeply affected by the news.

When an icon as huge as Michael Jackson dies, the world pauses. For us parents, it opens the door for tough conversations with harsh realities. My son asked questions concerning life after death, and most surprising about Michael’s family. They wanted to know if they were Ok, and if they were crying. My boys, who on most occasions are rough, and crass (not to mention stinky, sticky, gross, and generally foul) showed an inert sense of compassion and maturity. Kids truly understand more than we give credit. I’m a lucky mom to have such kind boys.

The conversation ended when Journey asked, “Will we still be able to listen to his music?”.

I answered, “Of Course”.

Justice then chimed in, “Well, that’s one good thing”.

And indeed it is.


Anonymous said...

My Grandsons are like no other.
Smart, compassionate and soooo good looking. Peace!!!!

Helene said...

I was so shocked too! I remember I heard it on the radio and I came home and asked my husband if it was true. I couldn't believe it. I grew up listening to his music...I think we all did.

Thanks for the follow...I'm now following you!

Stacie Errera said...

yes, explaining death is hard, and I find my daughter is often troubled by what happens to a child if their parents die. That's such hard topic for me to address. Thanks for following me. I love your blog design. Very graphic and fun. stacie