Crappy, McCrappington

For the past several days, Jordan (14 months) has been suffering from diarrhea. (Not wimpy diarrhea. I'm talking about what my 6 year old calls "water crap" mixed with lots of booty crumbs). As a result, those of us who are responsible for changing his diaper are suffering too (not to mention those individuals within smelling distance). Initially I wasn't concerned. His change in poop did not come with any additional symptoms. No fever, dehydration (we've been giving him plenty of fluids), or anything else that would point to a more serious condition.

However, our list of casualties grew. Several pairs of pants, upholstery, blankets, towels and mattress have been fatally stained. Not wanting anymore fatalities, I left a message for the pediatrician. A few hours later, this is the message I received:

"For diarrhea you want to use milk that has no milk sugar in it like lactose free milk. Some foods that are good for diarrhea are: apple sauce, bananas, carrots and the most useful, rice. Yogurt is wonderful because it has active cultures in it and that puts some friendly germs into the gut. If there is blood in the diarrhea, then we have to do another whole sort of thinking. (Um, yeah duh!) Sorry to have missed you. I will try and call you later..."

(We have a fabulous pediatrician. He sees all 3 boys, and always gives practical advice.)

Hopefully sharing this information will help other parents keep there house diarrhea free.

So far, we have tried yogurt and are crossing our fingers for a speedy recovery!


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