Toddler Dialing

Toddler Dialing: Not to be confused with drunk or butt dialing, toddler dialing has far more annoying consequences. As a mother, I am guilty.

Toddler is crying, and generally unhappy with the toys available to play with. No one will let him have the remote, and the shiny key chain with all the jingling keys are out of his reach. Mom (that's me) is tired, and desperate for quiet, and ignores the fact that Toddler (that's Jordan) has made himself quiet with her Blackberry (yes, the Blackberry that Dad has told Mom is not a toy).

Fifteen minutes later the phone rings. Mom answers and has the following conversation.

Mom: Hello

Caller: Did you know your son just called me. I was on the phone with him for 10 minutes, and all he said was "Hi".

Mom: My bad, I'll keep a better eye on him.
(Your 10 minute annoyance bought me 10 minutes of peace. SO worth it. I definitely will not keep a better eye on him)

Caller: OK.

Being a victim of "my child is so cute, listen to him talk" dialing (which I think is worse than toddler dialing), I completely understand how annoying this is for the end caller. I have come up with a fool proof solution for both situations. . . . .

Hang up the phone.


Jana said...

PREACH IT! sheesh thats too funny, I hate it when people make me talk to their kids, I love kids, but its just sooo not part of my plan for the day...I have my own to entertain me! haha! you are too funny!

Janell said... son loves to call other people on my phone, mostly his dad. He ususally dosnt talk to them though since he is only 9 months and hasnt graspt the consept that you talk into it, but all babys love phones.

PlaSmart Inc. said...

Looks like you got that all straightened out!

Meg said...

LOL Someone actually complained? Did they think that your baby would hold and actual conversation with them?? My niece used to do that all the time to me and thought it was she's too 'busy' to toddler dial...

Mommies-Miracles said...

My daughter does this all the time. She has called numerous friends and I've had people call me back because someone called and didn't say anything or the following.

Me: Hello?
Them: You know Audree called me?
Me: Okay and?
Them: Just wondering if you knew she had your phone.
Me: Yep, it's keeping her occupied.
Them: Okay bye
Me: Yup, bye

Anonymous said...

I totally love when my grand baby calls me his parents unware.

Basically the conversation is limited, hi, love you... Plus I try to easdrop on the conversations around him.... I swear I overheard Mya and Taijon......


JennyMac said...

TOO funny.

klawellin said...


Great Post! ; )

I am a new follower.


Sweet CuddleCakes said...

Hee-larious! Btw, my son was the same way about the news at that age. He'd rather watch it than cartoons. I was usually with him, so if it become too adult in nature, we simply turned. 'Til this day (at 13), he LOVES to eat breakfast while reading the paper!!

MamaBargain said...

"Caller" must have been amused to spend 10 minutes on the phone...that or bored, and either way should thank you! :o)

Annie said...

My son is not small anymore. But what he does is answer my blackberry and I always ask why did you answer that call? He says well they were calling so they wanted to talk to you. I say "that doesnt mean I wanted to talk to them geese" lol

Thanks for the laugh

SonyaAnn said...

My sister did this when she was 3 and called Ireland!!! That was funny.