3rd Times A Charm

I am mom to 3 wild and crazy boys. When you are mom to more than one child, your parenting style tends to become more relaxed, with each new addition. Here are a few examples.

Baby Shower Registry

Baby # 1: I registered for any and every baby item I could. Including my favorite must have, the baby wipe warmer.

Baby# 2: I attempted to be practical about the items I registered for. The baby wipe warmer did not get any use the first time around (warm wipes are not important during 3 a.m. diaper changes).

Baby# 3: Onesies , diapers and car-seat (everything else is a luxury). What the heck is a baby wipe warmer?

101.1 Fever:

Baby # 1: Must get baby to the ER ASAP

Baby #2: Give the baby some Tylenol, and call the pediatrician

Baby #3: You figure the baby’s probably teething, and give him Tylenol so he will feel better and not keep you up all night.

Baby Drops Pacifier on floor

Baby # 1: Immediately boil some water, and dip contaminated pacifier in. You can never be too careful, germs are everywhere.

Baby #2: Rinse the pacifier under the sink, and shake it dry. It’s not like he dropped the pacifier outside.

Baby #3: Quickly suck the pacifier, and give it back to baby. (Don’t act like you have never done this before. Saliva is mother-natures disinfectant.)

First Steps:

Baby # 1: I could not wait until baby started walking. I read all the parenting websites, and wanted to make sure he was walking at a developmentally appropriate time.

Baby # 2: I better understood baby milestones, and decided Baby will walk when he is ready (and my gentle encouragement wouldn’t hurt).

Baby # 3: Walking means chasing a toddler around the house; I hope baby takes his sweet time (and by the way, parenting websites can kiss my ass)


Baby # 1: Absolutely no candy.

Baby # 2: Candy only on very special occasions… like Halloween and Christmas…

Baby # 3: “If you stop crying, mommy will give you this lovely lolli-pop”

Experiencing motherhood as a rookie is fantastic, however I’ve had a blast experiencing it as a Pro.

To you rookie moms who want to know what the real difference is: Pro moms know that there is little you can do to permanently screw-up your kids (unless your Octomom, your instincts are usually right). Sit back, relax, and most importantly… Have Fun. Your kids will thank you for it.


Vicki said...
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Vicki said...

too too funny! I somehow skipped part of it then went back. My bf laughs at me with how different I am with the second

Holly Suso said...

This is classic. Though I have to say that besides the registry, I learned a few of these on the first kid. You get tired of boiling those damn binkies, in fact throw the thing away! And candy? If you'll go entertain yourself while daddy and I go in our room to "talk" you can have ANYTHING you want!

Jana said...

oh I laughed so hard! I dont have three boys, only two, so I bet if there is a next time we'll have alot in common when it comes to registries!! haha!

Brooke said...

I so hear ya, especially on the paci. I'll admit it, I've done it!!

lvlc said...

hahahahaha I read it to my husband and he thinks you must be totally right. We have just one but think that with #2 or #3 things are going to be as you described...

Great post! We really enjoyed it!


Ohio_Momto3boys said...

Diaper Bag:
#1: HUGE diaper bag, preferable monogrammed from Lands End. Always full to the brim with necessary items. Bag is carried everywhere.

#2: Second-hand, back-pack type diaper bag filled with a few diapers, a wipes container, one change of clothes, back up binkies, and a baggie of cheerios. Carried almost everywhere.

#3: One diaper, baggie with 5 wipes in it. A change of clothes in a plastic bag, left in the car. One sippie cup or bottle which can be refilled from McDonalds if necessary.

Formula (for those of us non-nursers... Hey, my kids are adopted so shoot me)

#1: Fully sterilized bottles and nipples at each meal. Water boiled and filtered OR purchase water from Babies R Us. Formula is ONLY Name brand. Bottles warmed for baby

#2: Bottles switched to Playtex nursers. Nipples only sterilized after each meal. Formula is whatever we have a coupon for. Tap water is used to make a few bottles in advance.

#3: Still using Playtex nursers. Not above sticking a half-sucked bottle into fridge for next feeding. Formula made by quart and kept fridge. Baby gets cold formula. Occasionally use premade formula just to save time.

Stacie's Madness said...

so very true! you're boys are so handsome!

Christina Simon said...

You are so funny! Love your humor. I have one boy and one girl, but I totally get it! christina

1stopmom said...

Ok this post is so funny and try. As a mom of four I went through all those stages. By the way great site!

Transparent Mama said...

As a mom of four boys, I totally agree with you on all of these. By the way, this fourth little guys is just as easy as pie!

Glad I stopped by from SITS.

Theta Mom said...

This is so true!! I only have two, but I am already seeing how more "relaxed" I am with my daughter (second child).

You have such a beautiful family! Love how you dressed them up in the same outfit! Great blog you have here. Found you through entrecard, and I am your most recent follower. :)

dddiva said...

So true, so very true. I have 4 girls so I can attest to every one of those things. Your boys are adorable!

Jacqueline said...

LOL, this is so true, especially the candy one. Except I have 2 boys, so my lil one gets away with everything compared to my first one.


Fernanda said...

OMG!!! I am laughing hysterically. I too am a mom to three boys ages 7, 3, 2. Your post is right on. So much so that I will be linking back to it on my blog. I will also be linking to it on my facebook for all my friends to see. I have many friends that can appreciate your description of how we become more relaxed about our parenting. Thanks for the great laugh and I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog!

Mya said...

Thanks ladies!