Weaning Jordan

Jordan is almost 1, has 8 teeth and is still nursing. Everything one assumes about nursing a kid with teeth is absolutely true, and often times very painful. For the safety of us both, I am now officially starting the weaning process. To complicate the weaning process, Jordan is a co-sleeper. That basically means that for the past 11 months and 3 weeks a tiny occupant has taken over the bed. In fact as a write this, I am laying in between my husband and son..... trying not to move, let alone breathe for fear of waking the sleeping kid. It is absolutely ridiculous. The whole sleeping situation has allowed me to nurse Jordan on demand since birth. He has never taken a pacifier, and never slept through the night. As a consequence I am sleep deprived, and Jordan is addicted to the boob. I have taken the week off, and starting tomorrow, no more night boobs, and no more co-sleeping. I will blog nightly. Pray for my survival.