Baby Steps

7 years ago, when I found out I was pregnant I signed up for every baby website and e-zine imaginable. I continued the tradition and did the same when I learned I was pregnant with the other two. With these memberships come weekly developmental e-mails, that for the most part allow parents to stress or gloat over how their babies compare to the masses. Example: “Your child is 1 year, 4 weeks old. By now he should be reading novels, and playing violin”. There is always a disclamer though, “All babies are different, and developmental milestones vary. If you child is not reading novels or playing violin, he is not a complete idiot- your just a bad parent”. Around Jordan’s 9th month I started receiving milestone emails regarding walking. Months 10, 11, 12 pass… and no walking. It got to the point to where I refused to open up anymore of the stupid emails. It’s all fun and games when the contents reveal your baby is a genius. A completely different story when it points to the contrary.

Understanding that babies truly are different, and realizing that once he starts walking, the sheer madness of having 3 boys running around my house could induce insanity…. I was in no rush. However, it seems that family, friends, the developmental emails, and the random stranger were all in a rush to see Jordan walk. So, for all of you who have asked on a consistent basis rather or not Jordan is walking yet, you can stop. The answer is YES. As of last night he took 5 steps in a row (although he still prefers crawling). You may now begin the countdown to my first of many visits to the insane asylum.

On another note....

Is this not the cutest thing ever? Coppertone Water Babies Mini Sunscreen. It has a clip so that it can go on your keychain, or diaper bag. I found it at Walmart for $3.97. A steal for the summer, and it's cute too!


The Momma said...

I am also in no hurry to have my 3rd start crawling let alone walking. I have a hard enough time keeping track of two so I will likely be joining you in that asylum:)