Coming To The Stage

For over a month Journey has brought home flyer's advertising his schools spring musical performance. His excitement was building, and as the performance drew closer, so did his chatter. He asked several times rather or not his dad and I were going to make it. We assured him we were, and last night he added a follow-up question. He asked, "Mom, are you going because you want to, or just so I can have a ride home". I answered, "because I want to". It's true, I wanted to go. Not so much for the singing kids, but for the potential photo opportunities (it would mark a great end to my Shutterfly Spring Photobook).

We arrived at the school a full 20 minutes early. I dropped Journey off at his class to prepare, then the rest of the family headed towards the cafeteria/auditorium. Apparently, 20 minutes early is not sufficient time to get a good seat. The front rows were reserved. The chairs had papers taped to the back announcing it's intended occupants. Example "Student Helper", "Photographer", "Not You". Not welcome in the front row, we found the next available seats several rows back.

Soon enough the performance started. Journey's class was up first. They sang, I clapped, then his class exited stage left. I looked at my clock, only 15 minutes passed. 45 WHOLE minutes left until the show was over. Having to watch, and respond positively to others people's kids is excruciating. From the look on Justice's face, I was not the only one who thought so.Watching your own kid butcher a song is cute, watching someone else's kid is torture. I tried distracting myself with my Blackberry, but after several stern looks from other moms, I pouted and put it away.

After the show I pondered Journey's question. Was I there because I wanted to be there, or was I there so he could have a ride home. I scanned my digital photo's, not a single good shot. I looked at Journey, and his pride filled face, then the answer was clear. For the first 15 minutes I was there because I wanted to be there. The last 45, I was there because he needed a ride home.

Weight Watchers Update

Lost 2 pounds!