I am always impressed by the stories my boys come up with to avoid bedtime. I have been confronted with mysterious illness and ailments, as well as conspiracies that put the grassy knoll to shame. Although I would much rather my boys go straight to sleep when asked, I must admit that I’m always entertained at the things they come up with. Here are some of my favorites:

“My toenail hurts” (Not his toe, but a single toenail. I put Vaseline on it, and declared it cured)

“There are booby traps in my bed” (My now 6 year old came up with this one when he was 3. It is my all time favorite)

“It hurts when I close my eyes” (Creative! I suggested he turn off the TV as the light from the TV was most likely causing the pain. Miraculously he made an instant and full recovery)

“Criminals will come get me if I go to sleep” (note to self, America’s Most Wanted is NOT a family show)

“Your bed is much more comfortable than my bed” (this is actually true, however that’s because I don’t spend hours jumping on mine)

“My brother always farts when he’s asleep, now my room smells” (upon further investigation I allowed my 5 year old to stay up 10 minutes longer to let the air clear. He was right; the smell in there was cruel and unusual punishment)

One of the best perks about being a parent is that kids are hilarious (the hugs and the kisses aren’t bad either).


Jeff said...

Thank you for sharing this story! Really inspiring for a fellow parent!

Jennifer said...

LOL @ "it hurts my eyes"! He is seriously creative! :-)

Hi Mya! Your blog is adorable! Came over from MBC, via your post in the forum, and it looks like there are more than three followers here now! ;-)

Ozzy's Mom said...

kids DO say the darnest things :) lol.

Ohio_Momto3boys said...

We put a CD player in the boys' room. They get to choose a book on CD from the library (or from the Usborne tractor book) and they listen to that. Surprisingly, my hearing-impaired 3 year old actually can recite some of Junie B. Jones and the Yucky-Blucky Fruit Cake so he's hearing something! I know, a "good" mother would provide her children with only quality, inspirational literature but... hey, life is short. A little Junie B does everybody good...

Mya said...

Jennifer: Thanks! I do have more than 3 followers now! I am so excited, MBC is AWESOME!

Ozzy's Mom: Thank you for stopping by AND leaving a comment. I LOVE comments.

Ohio Mom to 3 Boys: That is a great idea! I am going to the library today and can't wait to try it!

Boccasile Family said...

Luca has a huge list too...the top 5 are:

1) My lips are chapped (what?)
2) I need my window closed, I don't like the sounds of the sprinklers.
3) Are there any monsters in my room?
4) I'm hot
5) I'm thirsty