Oh, Snap!

Last night my husband and I watched Prime Time News. There, tucked between Sotomayor’s supreme court nomination, and California’s budget crisis was a story that seemed out of place. Octomom vs. Jon and Kate. Priorities people! When will the media learn the difference between a lead story, and pop culture ramblings. Clearly Octomom vs. Jon and Kate should have been the top story. Sure, Sotomayor and Budget deficits are important to our everyday lives, however does it really compare to the fueds of the almost famous? I think not my friends (and apparently niether does TMZ).

I also found it interesting how I was the only one who thought that “Octomom vs. Jon and Kate” implied a cage match of some sort. I was very disappointed. (My husband thought I should add that I am being sarcastic, even though I felt it was implied).


~Juanita~ said...

The sarcasm was funny, your husband was right about posting it.

Jon & kate this, Jon & Kate that, Jon & Kate are everywhere. It's driving me crazy too. I keep finding myself being reeled in. Someone help me.