Yup, That's Gross

A couple of days ago I wrote about my pee perils. I established how small boys are pee bandits, rarely peeing in the actual commode, rather in the surrounding area's. That has to be the most disgusting part of parenting boys, right? Um, yeah, NO!
There is something even more sinister threatening freshly sanitized bathtubs everywhere. Sadly, this threat is not limited to parents of boys. Parents of girls are at risk too.
It all began Saturday morning, while getting ready for the Oakland Zoo. My oldest sons were dressed, and the only thing left to do was bathe and dress my youngest. At one, Jordan spends his entire bath time splashing water all over me and the bathroom floor. It is always a noisy adventure, filled with excited squeals and giggles.
Sitting down, watching Jordan enjoy the final minutes of his bath I noticed that it suddenly got quiet. No splashing, no squeals, no giggles. I did hear a familiar grunt, and looked up in time to see Jordan's wide eyes and furrowed brows. I knew the look, and quickly lifted him up out the tub, but it was too late. There, stuck to the bottom of the tub was poop.
The pee bandits once again were outwitted (out-grossed) by their younger brother.


Little Lady Cakes said...

Oh goodness, I'm sorry. I haven't had that experience yet, but I'm sure it's coming. :)

Mya said...

Yeah, it's pretty terrible.. and the clean up made me gag :(

Shawnte Price said...

Oh my gosh Donavan has soooo done that too me, but I am going to top yours...He was in the tub with me when he did it one time. Girl yes. I call myself making it a quick bath for him. Quick...not so much. I then had to completely shower off myself and him and try to clean the tub. He thought it was hilarious and I have promised to use that story against him when he becomes a teenageer, isn't listening to me and has company over. :-)

Mya said...

yeah... I'm all for blackmail.

Boccasile Family said...

Sadly, this has happened to me as well. Perhaps even more sad is when Luca did it while his poor brother was STILL in the tub. Not only was I disgusted, but my oldest son was traumatized in the process. Luca on the other hand, remains un-phased.