S is for Seriously?

Over the weekend I took my two oldest boys to see "Up" (my youngest is still enemy no.1 to any movie theater. He is a threat to peaceful movie watching ever where). Considering that Disney is such a huge franchise and wildly popular, I originally opted not to review the film. Disney + Pixar + 3D is a magical equation. How many times could anyone want to read about how good it is. I wanted to spare you the monotony.

That was until I wondered across this review. According to this mom, "UP" was so frightening to her children (4, and 6) that she had to leave the movie theater. SERIOUSLY? True, there is a chase scene. Also true, there are dogs with menacing teeth. However, it's a cartoon! Since when have cartoons been villain-less? "Finding Nemo" had villain sharks with sharp teeth. "Bolt" had the evil cat with sharp claws. Even Tom & Jerry, a cartoon classic (that I still watch and enjoy today) features chase scenes and animals with sharp teeth. What's the big deal?

To the moms credit, "UP" is rated PG, and deals with some adult themes (however, tastefully done, completely not scary, and for the most part went over my kids heads). Also, I am the same mom who told her kids that the Easter Bunny grows razor sharp teeth when children misbehave (don't judge me, I was desperate and it's better than scaring kids with eternal hell fire). So my opinion may be a bit skewed.

I thought the movie was great and my boys loved it. If you go see, it is SO worth the extra money to see it in 3D.

By the way, my kids were completely un-phased by my take on the Easter Bunny, and my lie was outed by my Mother In Law (moral of that story, don't try this at home).


Kathy said...

I couldn't agree more! We saw Up with 17 (yes 17!) children for my daughter's birthday party (take one) and they all loved it! The ages ranged from 3-11 and not a complaint to be heard. Moms loved it too!!!

Mya said...

17 KIDS!! You are a brave, brave momma and also my hero!

Anonymous said...

The razor sharp teeth was really funny overhearing your boys explaining it to their other Grand Mother. It was sooo funny....