Are You Ready For Some Football!!

Before I got married, I had absolutely no interest in sports. After I got married, I still had absolutely no interest in sports. However, over the years through what I can only explain as marriage osmosis, I have managed to pick up a basic understanding of football.

Three sons and one Pop Warner season under my belt, I am now far from a pro, but understand the elementary do's, and more importantly the do not's of youth sports. As I enter our second season of tiny helmets and pads, allow me to share what I've learned.

1. It is never ok for a mom to call her son "baby", "sweetie", [insert adorable name here] on or near the playing field. Coaches and fathers alike agree that even though your son is super cute in his tiny uniform, on the field he's a MAN! (albeit a tiny man)

2. Don't take your camera on the field to snap pictures during a game. This "do not" also applies to scrimmage games. (This is actually advice I do not plan to take. I will chance the evil stares and admonishments from the refs to get the perfect picture. Maybe not now, but someday my boys will thank me!)

3. Should your son get injured during a game, do not go onto the field unless the coach invites you to do so. Most of the time the embarrassment felt from seeing your mom on the field is far worse than the pain of said injury. (Thankfully, I have yet to come across this situation, but have witnessed other moms stand back while their sons were tended to by their coaches. It looked hard, but certainly not impossible)

4. Most importantly, have FUN. Make friends, eat nachos, gossip about the moms on the opposing team, and maybe even catch a game or two.


Anonymous said...

the only thing i agree with in this blog is eating nachos! gossiping about the other moms isn't very nice and i would hate waiting for the coach to find out what's wrong if my child was injured, even if it was just a scrape... :( this is why i'm not mother, lol!!

Jana said...

No pictures??? that is crazy!! Thanks for the heads up now I know what I have to look forward to!

The Redhead Riter said...

One boys until a few months ago when they started bombarding my front door for dates with my ONE GIRL. BOYS are not my most favorite thing right now...LOL

☼Hope you're having a sunshine ☼ filled Sunday!☼

Mya said...

Boys wouldn't be my favorite either! My boys are too little to be causing any heartbreak, however I anticipate many coversations with angry girl moms.

Anonymous said...

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