Class of 2022

Today I watched my very proud six year old receive his Kindergarten diploma. A huge feat considering how much Kindergarten has changed in the last several years.

Kindergarten used to be about paste, crayons, letters and numbers.

My how the standards have changed. Kindergartners are not only learning phonics, but reading and writing. A curriculum that requires dedication and the memorization of over 200 site words.

I'm sure this task stressed me out way more than my son, who moseyed through the lesson plans while I anxiously awaited him to achieve each milestone. His new skills providing definitive ammunition for the next round of "my kid is smarter than yours" (passive aggressively played at a play date near you).

Once your child enters elementary school, you soon learn that you (and by you, I mean parents), and your kid are in this together. Their success highly depends on how committed you are to checking homework and reading nightly. A job that I admittedly sometimes do begrudgingly, with the occasional adult meltdown.

Parenting meltdowns aside, we emerge at the end of the school year victorious (today proven by the huge smile on my little guys face). As graduation season comes to a close, don’t forget to pat yourself on the back (or have a cocktail or two). They SO could not have done it without us.


The Empress said...

Oh, adorable, and time passes much too quickly.

He is a beautiful child.

College Essays said...

Well done for assembling all these together...Thanks for spreading the word