School's Out For Summer!

The last day of school is this coming Friday. As my 2 oldest boys are counting down the days to freedom, I am frantically trying to figure out what to do with them for the summer.

Of course there's the obvious choice, camp. However, the cost for day camp is about $100 bucks per week, times that by my 2 camp aged sons, then multiple that by 8 weeks, and you get a mom with a checkbook related headache.

I've considered summer school. Not a bad idea, right? Wrong! Most schools now require that your child be failing or close to failing to participate. It's not a "just because mom wants you out of her hair" activity anymore.

I checked our local parks and recreation, and it turns out they have several summer activities going on, including Martial Arts Ninja training for kids. Anyone who has boys knows that anything with the word Ninja in it would be well recieved. I read the description:

"Price: $45". So Far so good. Tell me more.

"Ages 6-14". Great! My boys fall between that age.

"The camp will also feature modules such as child abduction resistance, assertiveness training, and peer conflict resolution to name a few." If peer conflict resolution means that there will be less WWE worthy fights between my two little WWE stars, I'm all for it.

Then, while I was reading with high hopes, and a summer solution in site, I read, "martial arts weapons training". And all I could imagine was my 6 and 7 year old sons trying to kill each other with nunchucks. If you have spent any amout of time with boys between the ages of 3-50, you know this to be a very likely possibility.

What are your kids doing over summer break?


Christine said...

I hear you about keeping boys busy! We've got a month to before the boys are out of school. Good luck to you! Our summer programs are too expensive when you have 3 to pay for - prices start at about $100.

Right now, I'm listening to the boys run around with their foam swords their father somehow thought would be a good idea for them to have:(

The Empress said...

I feel so badly telling you this, but our school district has FREE classes. 2 sessions, in fact.So, my guys will be in summer classes of their choice for one month, then swim classes for the next month, and then an arts camp for one week offered here.


Kids Learn @ Kiboom Daily said...

Good luck to you and your summer activities for the boys!

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Anonymous said...

OMG! I also have 3 boys. We move this summer. So we r low on the funds this summer .plus all 3 of my boys have b-days this summer not including school stuff to buyin august. so we r stuck in at home deiving each other crazy. i have tried to send them outside to back yard but we live in tx and it has been 100+ for the past 12 days.

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