Ask, Ask, Ask

Kids ask tons of questions. I once read an article that said the average 3 year old asks 400 questions a day. At 3, both my sons easily beat that statistic. From the moment they could form sentences, the questions have been coming in nonstop, and on several occasions have left me stumped (or laughing hysterically). I made a list of the some of the more “special” questions they have asked.

• How come God doesn’t have a wife? (There is a joke in here somewhere, and If given enough time I could come up with a punch line. However, my son was very serious when he posed this question, so I answered him the best I could: Ask your Dad)

• If God is a corn-dog could I eat him? (Yes, you read that correctly. This is what happens when you tell your kids god is everywhere. They conclude that god is their corn-dog)

• Do cars drive with fart gas, or a different kind of gas? (If cars were powered by human gas; my boys would see to it that I would never have to buy gas again.)

• How come people don’t have bones in their lips? (Because then we’d have beaks, and kissing would be significantly harder)

• How do you sneeze and scream in Chinese? (When I was a kid, I once asked my mom if the Chinese restaurant served “Chinese Coca Cola”. I guess the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree)

• How many people are on earth? (Thank God for Google. 6.78 Billion)

• Can you still live if your head get’s cut off? (I am always happy to answer these questions, because I’m sure in doing so I am preventing deadly experimentation)

If it’s true that kids learn by asking questions, my boys are well on their way to becoming geniuses. I on the other hand, am counting down the days until they can Google there own questions.


Jennette said...

This is funny, Im following!

Rachel said...

I ADORE the question about bones in lips. That is HI-LAR-I-OUS! My poor husband has to live in a house full of three girls and a dog (that is female too!) But he wouldn't have it any other way:)

Heliotropism said...

I LOVE IT. Love the imagination of children! This is a great post:)

natalee said...

LOL!! girl you are sooo funny i loved this post!!!!

Keren said...

This is great! My children asked WHY the cars could not be powered with human gas and proceeded to say that it would be great for the environment as well as cut down the price of gas LOL

Candice said...

Literal, logical, laughable, and laudable..... Headline: "Holy Cow ! Manure -to-Biogas Could Generate 3 Percent of US Electric Needs..." You aren't the only one listening to kids!

Amber said...

aah, just more proof that there is NEVER a dull moment when you have 3 boys....keep up the great work! -and YES, you probably DID stop a dangerous experiment there!! For a year, we had to outlaw 'bridges' in our home - everytime they tried to build bridges, one of my boys ended up in the ER!

Christina Simon said...

You're so right with this one! Christina from Mom Bloggers Club